That moment when you officially start your own business

I thought about starting my own practice for such a long time before actually starting it that the moment when it was finally official blurs into the moments leading up to it. I remember incorporating my business and getting the EIN, which made it feel like the official moment. I remember signing up for a space to work, which made it feel even more official! I also remember that first day I went to my new office. Instead of feeling exciting, however, I remember feeling extremely scared. I wasn't sure where that pay check would come from in the coming weeks and I needed it to pay for the little overhead expenses and BIG personal expenses I was responsible for.

Most of the other business owners I knew or had spoken to seemed They seemed like they had their finances in order. They were going on vacation. I wanted to get But as you know, it isn't quite so easy, but it isn't as hard as it seems either. The first step was to find referral sources. The more I spoke to people who could either 1) refer clients or 2) be clients, the closer I felt to getting paid and getting the types of cases I wanted. I joined a couple of legal referral platforms, I spent a very modest amount on my first website, and I joined a professional networking group. All of these things helped get those first few cases and I started to feel more and more confident. But there was still something holding me back. I felt overwhelmed each time a case was more challenging than what I was used to handling. Each time a client was more demanding than the last, I wanted to quit and climb under a rock. It took me a long time to change my hustle and suffer mindset to see each challenge as an opportunity. I turned to reading and learning about mindset shifts, law of attraction and growing your business while remaining in alignment. All of this really resonated with me. I never knew what to name it, but alignment has always been a big part of my day to day happiness. I finally figured out that it wasn't wrong to spend time doing things that made me feel good on the inside before plunging into the challenges of legal work. Things like yoga, exercise, meeting good friends and colleagues for coffee.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave comments or questions below! More in this series to come in the next few posts!



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