Small steps towards something big

I thought I would begin sharing some of the actions I took once I had done the ground work on building my practice. The books will tell you the basics: register your company, build a website, lease a space to work, get your basic systems and software in place, to name a few. But then what! How do you get your message across to your potential clientele?

There are loads of buzz words floating around on the topic of marketing, and particularly law firm marketing. SEO...key words...landing pages, so on and so forth. What does all this mean? I remember getting my first quote to begin delving into the deep internet seas of marketing through SEO. Ultimately, I decided not to go down that route initially. I am no expert, but no matter what type of business you are running, you do need to make yourself known. Not all social media is created equal. While Instagram works wonders for influencers of our generation, it may not work so well for lawyers or doctors. While Facebook may not be your go-to source for personal updates from friends, it may be the right avenue to market your business. And while blogging may increasingly be replaced by vlogging now, it may still be the right first step to share your expertise, knowledge and insights with new and future clients.

In addition to choosing a few internet-based techniques for marketing your business, I found face-to-face meetings and interviews for other blogs to be really fun ways to talk about work while also meeting interesting, inspiring and knowledgable new people, especially other female entrepreneurs. At first it feels daunting to join groups and show up to events, coffees, or conferences, but once you figure out which of these you truly find inspiring and enjoyable it feels like a fun way to break things up from your day-to-day routine. From time to time, I venture into Soho, Brooklyn or the Upper East Side to meet someone for a coffee and chat with them about a variety of different topics, not limited to #lawyerlife :) Being a mother also helps, as I find this to be something I have in common with many of my female entrepreneurial friends.

Setting expectations when you begin to grow your network is also important. That one coffee may not necessarily turn into a client referral, but perhaps one of your clients may need something taken care of and you will know just the right person to send them to. There is value to add to the lives of your own clients from building a network of knowledgeable connections. Eventually, as these things go, your name will get passed on from person to another person leading to referrals. It takes time so you might as well just enjoy your jaunts to new cafes in neighborhoods you don't usually get to visit!

More thoughts on diving into the world of entrepreneurship soon. Hope you have a happy week.



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