H-4 EAD Rescission Update

In a letter to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Save Jobs v. DHS, the lawsuit that challenged the H-4 EAD program, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has informed a federal appeals court that a proposed regulation to rescind the H-4 employment authorization program is not likely to be published before Spring 2020. It also indicates that even this estimate is “aspirational.”

DHS’s estimated timeline indicates that a final regulation rescinding the H-4 work program is not likely to occur in the near future. If the proposal is published, the public would have an opportunity to provide feedback during a public comment period, which is typically 30 to 60 days long. After the public comment period, DHS would review the feedback and draft a final regulation, which would go through further OMB review before publication. This process can take several months.

Eligible H-4 spouses can continue to seek new or renewed work authorization under current rules.  USCIS continues to accept and adjudicate these filings. H-4 spouses should file as soon as they are eligible. Holders of current H-4 EADs can file a renewal application up to six months before the expiration of their current document. An H-4 EAD application can also be filed at the same time as the H-1B principal’s application to extend status beyond the sixth year. Eligible spouses in another immigration category can submit an EAD application along with an application to change status to H-4. 

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