Department of Homeland Security Spring Agenda and Possible Updates to Immigration Policies

The Department of Homeland Security has released its Spring regulatory agenda and these are the proposed changes to come in 2018 and beyond:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may propose a rule that will clarify and possibly limit the criteria for B-1 and B-2 classification.

  • DHS is also expected to briefly delay its publication of draft rules that would impose stricter eligibility and cap selection criteria on H-1B employers and change regulations for the EB-5 program.

  • DHS has reiterated its intention to propose rules that would terminate the H-4 employment authorization program and significantly revise the practical training program for foreign students.

You can read more details on all of the above here. Please contact me with questions as this is just a brief summary for informational purposes.

Furthermore, according to a copy of a draft immigration proposal obtained by The Washington Post, the Trump administration has outlined several regulations which may negatively impact immigrants, nonimmigrants, asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors.

  • The Trump administration is considering detaining families for longer periods and subjecting unaccompanied minors to increased scrutiny that could make it easier to deport them. They would allow officials to separate parents and children if holding them together would place an “undue burden” on government operations.

  • Applicants seeking adjustment of status (green card) or an immigrant visa must establish they are not likely to become a public charge; are not receiving or using public benefits or on welfare.

Read more on The Washington Post.



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