Congressional vote to reopen and fund the government for three weeks, ending the government shutdown

January 22, 2018

Immigration Update –

Congress has voted on a continuing resolution to reopen the government for 3 weeks. Up until today, Democrats had been unwilling to vote for the continuing resolution if it did not protect Dreamers and DACA recipients. However, the continuing resolution provides no commitment to protect Dreamers or DACA recipients. Senator McConnell has made a vague commitment to get a proposal in front of the Senate. There is no agreement by the House of Representatives to take proposal up or from the President that he will sign the proposal.  There has been no indication that there will be a solution to the immigration problems at hand.  Democrats do not seem to be sticking to the original plan.

In the meantime, DACA recipients continue to face threat of deportation. Every day, 120 DACA recipients lose status and face the threat of deportation. Aside from DACA recipients, real families and real businesses are bearing the burden of the current state of immigration law.

More than ever, we must commit ourselves to immigration reform. We need to make stories of our clients, businesses and communities known.  Every day they suffer when Congress and the President refuse to address this issue.  We must continue to hold leaders in both parties accountable for real solutions.

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