4 Years In...

Next month, it will be 4 years since I started my own law practice. I wish I could say that the last 4 years have been a blur, and in some ways they have! But they have also been filled with opportunities for massive learning, professional and personal growth -- and these are the moments that were the hardest. They felt the longest, but also led to the most growth. I had a number of misconceptions about running a business. I also had a number of blocks that I had to really work through in order to keep reaching the next level of growth.

While I can't cover all of these in this post, I hope to touch on some key points here.

First, I always thought that to be successful, you had to hustle and suffer. I have spoken about this in the previous post and I mention it again here because this can be a major block if not addressed. If you are constantly thinking about the "hustle" aspect of running your business, you may be missing out on all of the things you are truly enjoying. And these things will be different for everyone depending on what you love to do and what type of business you are running.

Second, I feared certain volume levels and complexity of work. This was because I was used to working for others and I didn't necessarily have the type of mentorship where I was encouraged to take on complex work based on my own capabilities. This fear, however, can block you from getting to the next level. If you are fearful, you will not attract more work and the type of work you enjoy! I had to let go of the fear and believe in my capabilities as a lawyer and person. I love adding value to my clients' lives and this is the core of what I do. But the fear was blocking this!

The final point I will mention in this post is that I really believed that I needed a partner. While having a compatible partner would be wonderful, having the wrong partner would be a nightmare! If it doesn't happen organically, it may not be meant to be. While I am not concluding that I will never have a partner, I do believe that I can build up my practice without one. If I do end up deciding to go in that direction it will be because it happened very organically, for the right reasons and with the right person (just like marriage!)

I hope you enjoyed these anecdotes I would love for you to leave comments if you'd like to discuss or ask questions. I am thinking of offering a mastermind circle for any new solo attorneys out there who want to flesh out these ideas some more. Please contact me if you would be interested!



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